We Fix in Your Home!

Is your computer, tablet, gaming console, or television sick and in need of a doctor? 

We provide exclusively in-home visits to save your time and money on diagnosis and repairs!

Our Services

Electronics Diagnostics

Give us a call to schedule an in-home visit to diagnose the issue. We can provide estimates and/or repairs* on the spot at a time of your choosing!

*Repairs are subject to parts availability. A subsequent visit may be necessary if parts need to be ordered.

Electronics Repair

After a diagnostic is performed, we will repair your device. If you already know what parts are broken, let us know in advance and no diagnostic* is needed.

*This is subject to simple parts such as a broken screen on your tablet or smartphone.



If we are unable to diagnose or repair your device, we will provide you with a 10% discount on the retail value on the purchase of a new* device.

*Should your device be discontinued, we will provide upgraded options for you to select from.

About Us

Founded in 1997 by Dragan Ayficks, or “Dr. Eye Fix” who is no longer with us, but who’s son in-law, Ali Akbari took over and continues the tradition!

We recognize how busy everyone is and how difficult it can be to arrange for you to bring your devices, no matter how large, into a shop for servicing. This is why we are providing exclusively in-home appointments to save you time!

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